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Having visited Istanbul previously, I thought I had a good idea of Turkish culture, landscapes and cuisine, but arriving at Hillside Beach Club in Kalemya Bay, Fethiye, we became privy to another side of the country entirely.  Idyllic white sand, sandwiched between crystal blue water and luscious green rainforest, it can only be described as paradise.  Staying at the luxury hideaway on the Turkish coast feels like living in a cloud of positivity.  The hospitality and warmth of the Turkish people is ubiquitous throughout the country, but there is no-where that welcomes you with quite so much energy and delight as the team at Hillside Beach Club. Everything in the resort is geared towards guest satisfaction, including three separate beaches, allowing you to choose between the buzz of wake boarders and sailboats or total tranquillity beside the lapping Aegean Sea.

Roaming Hillside Beach Club, you can’t help but feel yourself exhale, your shoulders wind down and your body relax.  It seems the team have orchestrated a microclimate of gorgeous sunshine, celebrated with exciting water-sports, outdoor yoga and incredibly comfortable sun loungers. With the scent of pinecones, the sound of birdsong and the picturesque sunsets greeting you at every turn, it really feels like heaven. Imagine the Garden of Eden but instead of forbidden fruit, your food choices span from traditional Turkish Mezze’s, an impressive buffet selection of worldwide cuisine, and fresh Italian gastronomy. 

Although we share the resort with a number of returning families, there is no sense of them and us.  Everyone staying at Hillside feels connected, living, eating and drinking in harmony.  The choice of beaches and restaurants mean finding peace and quiet is easily accomplished, whilst joining the other guests for a floating film on the beach is a welcome occasion.  It is abundantly clear that the 5* resort has something for everyone.

As we all contemplate the best use of our extended time at home, I choose to take a leaf out of Hillside’s book and connect to my surroundings.  Be it yoga in the garden or star gazing under an unusually clear sky, I try to remember their ethos of celebrating nature and feeling good. Not to say I wouldn’t swap my home-made facemask for the Hillside Treetop spa… a mecca of wellness and transformative treatments.  Like everyone who has visited the magical resort, I am already longing to return.  Luckily I have their delicate scented lavender bags and memories of the crystal blue water to transport me back to heaven on earth whenever life demands.