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Opodo’s Top Savings Tips for 2024 Holidays 

Best Day of the Week to Book for Specific Destinations

Which Destinations to Book Well in Advance

The Best Hour to Book

London, 30th January 2024: for anyone planning a 2024 adventure, Leading online Travel Agent Opodo’s money-saving hacks are invaluable: you really should read before booking! Opodo’s travel-savvy recommendations are drawn from its analysis of bookings for return flights made by UK travellers last year (1st January – 18th December 2023) and are aimed at helping travellers secure the best possible deals on flights.  

Planning ahead for trips to the US really does save £££! 

We often think last-minute deals can be good for saving money, but Opodo recommends that, in most cases, it is worth planning ahead – particularly with certain key destinations. 

For instance, the data shows savings of almost €200 by booking well in advance for trips to the US: tickets booked over three months in advance cost, on average,  €646 compared to those booked just 15 days ahead of travel, which averaged  €825. 

Similarly, for a winter sun trip to Maldives there were savings of almost €500 when booked over three months in advance: €1,128 compared to €1,601 when booked just 16-30 days in advance. Very last minute bookings were also best-value, with tickets just 15 days ahead of travel costing €1,277. 

Another winter sun destination where booking early saved money is the Seychelles. These, when booked more than three months in advance cost €820 compared to €1,190 when booked within the 15 days of departure.

Best day of the week to book 

For those planning South-East Asia trips, Sunday is often the best day to book. Opodo found that a trip to Cambodia trip cost €1,363 when booked on Sunday compared to €2,022 when booked on Wednesday.  Even greater savings on trips to Vietnam were possible: bookings cost €971 when made on Sundays compared to €1,199 on a Saturday. 

Those planning a trip to Australia should also look carefully at which day to book:  Thursday was the most expensive, with prices of €1,901 compared to Wednesday bookings which averaged €1,789. Those travelling to neighbouring New Zealand on the other hand found that bookings on Friday cost €1,680 compared to  €2,206 for those made on Saturdays.

Is there a best hour to book flights?  

Opodo’s analysis even reveals the best hour to book for saving money. Over €40 could be saved on trips to Italy at 2 am compared to 7 am – and on flights to Germany the price at 5 am was €184, compared to  €228 just an hour later.

The best month to travel to your favourite country: 

Opodo’s data further reveals  the best value months for British travellers to travel from the UK: 

  • The cheapest month to travel to Australia was April, with an average ticket price of €1,616 compared to an average price of €1,855 for the remainder of the months 
  • The cheapest month to fly to Japan was December with an average price of €945 compared to an average price of €1,386 during the other months 
  • The cheapest month to fly to Ireland was September with an average price of €89 compared to an average price of €117 during the other months
  • The cheapest month to fly to Italy was October with an average price of €140 compared to an average price of €203 during the other months 


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Notes for Editors:

*Booking dates: 1st January – 18th December 2023 

?*Free image to use via Unsplash, and from artist  Micheile Henderson and Ross Parmly 

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