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Growing up I had an incredible sweet tooth, so when I stepped inside the super swanky Fauchon l’Hotel Paris it was bliss. The hotel is the first of its kind for gastronomic powerhouse, Fauchon, therefore the theme of patisserie and sugar runs through the entire building.

From the moment we checked in, we knew this was a gourmand’s paradise…

We were greeted by smiling staff and a suave barman who offered us complimentary tea infused cocktails and a tray of macarons. After we’d finish our morning cocktails, we were ushered to our bedrooms where we found a glorious pink armoire filled with Fauchon treats. From Rose Champagne and earl grey biscuits, to olive paste and toast crackers, everything inside the Gourmet Bar was entirely complimentary and refilled by the staff daily.

After we’d dropped off our bags, we visited the famous Fauchon delicatessen across the road before lunch. Biscuits & cakes, foie gras & terrines and spices & tea blends were just some of the things you could buy instore (and also order from your hotel room for same day delivery). It was 11:45am, and we were about to eat lunch, so we indulged in just enough to skip entrée and save room for main course…

The rest of the day included a private seine river cruise arranged by the hotel, a visit to FIAC International Art Fair, a wander through Jardins du Trocadéro, and lots of eating.

My favourite part of our stay was the hotel’s in-room Chef Service. The seven of us had our very own glam dinner party in a Prestige Suite with a menu from Grand Cafe Fauchon, and our own private waiter.

For hours we sat around a table in fancy clothes and no shoes – some on the floor and some on the couch – eating good food, drinking good wine, having smart conversations and enjoying each other’s company. Our menu included: pate en croute, French truffle riso, a heavenly cheese board, rustic bread and a selection of Fauchon’s famous desserts. Our suite also boasted gorgeous views of La Madeleine; we kept the windows open so we could hear the Paris nightlife sing through the warm breeze.

I’ve always loved Paris for its attentiveness to architecture, culture, art and fashion, but its culinary scene is what draws me back. By the end of the weekend it was evident that Fauchon l’Hotel Paris has elevated food into an art form – a joy for all foodies dreaming of a gourmet escape once we’re able to travel.