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Situated on the idyllic privately owned Kalemya Bay, I was fortunate enough to soak up the last of the autumn sun at Hillside Beach Club this October. Upon arrival, I immediately felt a sense of calm wash over me as I enjoyed a peaceful mountain journey overlooking the crystal clear sea as I headed to the secluded resort. The resort spreads out around the bay with accommodations overlooking the various beaches as well as the plethora of green mountains that surround the area. 

As I was escorted to my room my jaw dropped as I saw the heavenly view from my balcony. Each room is complete with a partially covered spacious outdoor area that leads into the main bedroom, so every morning you can wake up to the views of the turquoise ocean, mountains and blue skies. After soaking up the views the group and I enjoyed a tour of the property where we explored the resort’s three beaches which include the adults-only Serenity Beach and blissful Silent Beach that sits below the Nature Spa – an Indonesian-inspired heaven, hidden amongst nature. 

Our first evening was a whirlwind from the second we entered the main restaurant. The choices at Hillside were simply endless, helping us experience the hotel’s immersive festival of food. Not only did the restaurant have a selection of freshly caught fish to have cooked in front of you, but they also had Turkish cuisine, wellness options and more pastries than a bakery! As well as the main restaurant we were fortunate enough to spend an evening dining at the resort’s Pasha Restaurant where we indulged in a mezze of traditional Turkish foods as well as enjoying a cocktail masterclass with seasoned mixologist Ufuk. 

Our days were jam-packed with activities but our favourite experience was the blissful private boat tour across the bays of Fethiye. We entered the fisherman’s bay where locals sit on the hillside and spend their days fishing and were fortunate enough to jump into the crystal clear waters of the bay and enjoy the afternoon sunshine. We then set sail again to the next bay that was surrounded by yachts and greenery where we enjoyed a bite to eat on the boat. The pastries on board were delightful, enjoying sesame seed buns filled with cheese and chia seed muffins whilst sipping on a shandy overlooking sublime views of the ocean. After a wonderful morning on the boat, we set sail back to the resort. Immediately missing the views of the area, we jumped into the complimentary kayaks on the resort and paddled all the way out to the silent beach which overlooked the wider region of Fethiye. 

During the days we spent our time enjoying the resort’s bi-annual Feel Good Week. This is wellness week where you can enjoy a range of activities such as an Ice Bath experience which gives your immune system a well-needed boost, or morning yoga on the silent beach overlooking the sunset. Each Feel Good Week is unique with different workshops to the last meaning that returning guests can constantly learn new wellness techniques and spend a week indulging in these complimentary activities and bettering themselves from the inside out.

The evening entertainment at the resort was another highlight for us. We saw incredible productions at the property’s amphitheatre including their hilarious spin on fairy tales such as Britney and the Beast as well as enjoying some mind-blowing magic acts. Perfect for all ages the amphitheatre puts on shows from 7:30 pm offering a kids club and family-friendly entertainment all night long. Living up to its reputation of being a beach club, the resort turns into an epic nightclub every Friday and Saturday night. Friday we enjoyed the Gala Party where we watched an incredible performance with a professional violinist and drummer who elevated the DJ set to a whole new level. Then Saturday we enjoyed the legendary Pasha Party where all the entertainment team and guests partied the night away at the Pasha Restaurant! We have been dreaming of Hillside ever since we left and cannot wait to return next season for another weekend of summer bliss.