Exclusively co-ordinated through an invitation-only basis, Virtuoso’s elite selection of travel agencies enjoy preferred-status relationships and exclusive client benefits with the world’s best hotels, resorts, spas, cruise lines, tour operators, airlines and private jet charter companies among others.

Drawing upon these relationships, Virtuoso-affiliated travel advisors offer users the very best of travel options, according to their unique preferences, from VIP treatment to unprecedented access. Proposing a novel and cutting-edge service to the UK market, visitors can be instantly connected to a travel specialist through the network’s online Advisor Catalogue, which features areas of specialization, biographies, and first-hand experience.

Carefully crafting a bespoke itinerary and tailor-made travel plans, Virtuoso’s team of affiliated travel experts ensure expectations are exceeded as well as assuring their clients direct savings and benefits. These Virtuoso travel advisors are not only specialists on particular destinations, products or travel niches, they are experts on their clients as well, knowing traveller preferences both large and small. Hosting the world-famous Virtuoso Travel Week, Virtuoso has additionally made a name for itself by hosting the largest luxury travel show in the world for consumers and travel industry professionals.