Instajet is the community that is redefining the world of private air travel, through its flight reservations app and innovative QR code referral capability, streamlining and improving private aviation for business and leisure travel by connecting passengers and operators. Passengers select flights, with a guaranteed fixed price reservation, from a shortlist of suitable options provided by the simple Instajet app. The passenger is always the priority and the best operator, based upon the availability of newest aircraft or a complimentary category upgrade, is personally chosen by the Instajet operations team. The unique, innovative, personalised referral QR code, which can be requested through the app, makes it easy for the app to be shared and referred, rapidly spreading the word and growing the Instajet community through the instant impact of social media. Instajet benefits both passengers and operators alike through a business model that is built upon value and transparency: redefining the world of private air travel, one flight at a time.