Farnborough Airport is not only Europe’s leading private jet airport, but the first business aviation airport to achieve carbon neutrality. Once home to Britain’s first powered flight in 1908, it is now the most modern airport of its kind. 


Farnborough Airport offers five-star service, exclusivity and privacy within easy reach of London. In addition to the state-of-the-art main terminal, control tower and hangar, Farnborough Airport also offers a luxury hotel, The Aviator.  The award-winning terminal offers multiple lounges, private meeting rooms, refreshments, gaming consoles for younger travellers and even a Pet Travel Scheme with an on-site vet. Passengers can drive directly to their jet on departure and have their vehicle waiting for them on arrival as the aircraft stairs are lowered. With no queues in the air or on the ground, passengers can be in the capital within an hour’s drive of stepping off their jet.  With health and wellbeing more important than ever, Farnborough Airport offers the ultimate means of travelling safely, flexibly and efficiently.