Press and Bloggers Testimonials

"We had the most brilliant time at Jade Mountain in St Lucia and have never stayed somewhere quite as beautiful. Thank you so much Grifco."

Bryony Gordon

Features Writer, The Telegraph

Grifco are without a doubt one of London’s top travel PR agencies. Not only are they are a delight to deal with but the team are smart, efficient and work tirelessly to absolutely nail the unique angles we look for at High Life.

Ianthe Butt

Commissioning Editor, BA High Life

Grifco is one of the best, most efficient, most honest PR agencies out there – always on top of what is newsworthy, always dependable when it comes to organizing trips. I love dealing with them.

Daisy Finer

Editor At Large, Condé Nast Traveller Magazine

Grifco are top of my go-to agencies for the best in luxury travel PR, they never fail to come up with new and interesting angles for each of their clients which are perfectly tailored to each publication. They know what to pitch, and when to pitch it, which at a busy weekly magazine is paramount. The team are great fun too, which always helps.

Hetty Chidwick

Luxury Editor, Country Life

With a team of adept, capable and clued-up professionals, Grifco are a joy to work and liaise with.

Farhad Heydari

International Managing Editor, Departures International and Centurion magazines

Grifco has one of the best reputations in the world of travel PR. I have found them to be efficient, pro-active and extremely helpful. It is a pleasure dealing with them and with their many clients.

Mark Palmer

Travel Editor of the Daily Mail

Grifco are proactive, engaging and a joy to work with. They understand which media works best for which clients and vice versa meaning that both the press and the clients get what is of most benefit to them.

Nicola Kavanagh

Editor-in-Chief, GLASS

Grifco has always been one of my favourite PR agencies to work with. Friendly and down-to-earth, the lovely team are a pleasure to spend time with, both on press trips and planning independent hotel reviews over coffee. From Provence and St. Lucia to the Maldives, I've had some amazing experiences with Grifco and we always work hard to come up with the best plan to ensure we both get the most out of a trip. As well as singing their praises on my professional platforms, I've recommended many a Grifco property to friends over the years and always aspire to go back as soon as I've left.

Lucy Williams

Fashion Me Now

Grifco is an impeccable example of how a PR agency should be. They are always at the ready with original ideas and suitable suggestions; image requests are met swiftly; and the team are invariably friendly, fun and helpful.

Caroline Lewis

Online Travel Editor, Harper’s Bazaar

With a team as enthusiastic as they are knowledgeable about their clients, working with Grifco PR is always such a pleasure. We've been privileged at The Arbuturian to have established a relationship with Grifco since our inception nearly five years ago and have enjoyed a long and fruitful working relationship in that time - long may it continue!

Toby White

Managing Editor

We love working with Grifco - they’re brilliant at pinpointing the clients and destinations that are just right for your publication and always go that extra mile to deliver a totally professional service. You know if Grifco are dealing with it, it gets done! I always feel that I am taken care of with them.

Jane Bruton

Deputy Editor & Director, The Daily Telegraph

Consummate travel PR professionals: well informed, always available and ever efficient.

Frank Barrett

Travel Editor of the Mail on Sunday

GRIFCO is a hardworking, well-drilled and genial team that never stops coming up with fresh ideas that appeal to journalists and travel editors. They always get back to you promptly, and it's no surprise that many clients have stuck with them for years.

Nigel Tisdall

Travel Editor, Marie Claire UK

Grifco is the best PR agency I've worked with. Ever dependable and efficient, they are not only well-informed and skilled at understanding each publication's nuances, but they are honest, hardworking and enthusiastic and the one agency I relax with, knowing everything will be taken care of. A pleasure to work with.

Lauren Ho

Travel Editor, Wallpaper