Career Opportunities

Grifco is always on the lookout for talented travel PRs to join our friendly team. For further information or to apply for one of the roles, please contact  with a CV. 

Current Opportunities:  

We are currently running an inaugural internship programme for three months for six graduates looking to dip their toes into the world of travel PR. If you have great writing skills and love travel, get in touch.


Account Executive/Senior Account Executive  

Our ideal candidates will fit right in with the team: both friendly and professional, they will be hands-on and passionate about travel and communications

Writing skills are a must, as is a keen understanding of what makes a story. Candidates should be confident both dealing with clients and journalists and be able to bring existing contacts with them to benefit our clients.

We would expect a Senior Account Executive to have 2 and a half years experience, preferably within the travel industry and an Account Executive at least a year.


Account Director 

Our idea candidate will have at least five to six years' experience in travel PR. The Account Director will be responsible for delivering campaigns across a number of UK and international clients, ranging from boutique hotels to large hospitality brands. 

You should bring strong contacts to the table, as well as experience in writing and delivering strategic PR campaigns. You should also feel confident managing a team to get the best out of each member in order to deliver for your clients. 

A can do attitude and ability to think outside the box are a must!