Hidden Cornwall: A Weekend with Natural Retreats, Trewhiddle

When you live in a city as chaotic as London, there comes a point when you start to yearn for the smell of crisp, fresh air and the sound of nothing but the birds chirping in the trees above. Enter Natural Retreats, Trewhiddle.

Located just a little over a mile from St, Austell train station in South Cornwall sits a divine property in a peaceful valley that comprises of luxury 2, 3, and 4 bedroom self catered villas. We arrived at our destination safe, sound and happy to be in a comfortable environment after our train journey. One of the first things that got my attention as soon as we arrived at the property was how unbelievably quiet it was. I stepped out onto the wooden balcony of my private villa and closed my eyes. It took a whole thirty seconds until I heard the soft sounds of rustling trees in the distance – talk about solitude!


Trewhiddle 031

Trewhiddle 001

Our first port of call was some authentic Cornish tapas; carefully put together by Angels in the Kitchen Kristen and Sarah. Angels in the Kitchen is a local in-house catering service, offering local produce cooked in the privacy of your own home. Chef Matt Meyer offers catering too, by the way.




The next morning we awoke to birdsong, ready for a day out exploring what the Southern region of Cornwall had to offer. After a morning of archery on-site at the Natural Retreats Trewhiddle property, we made our way down to the harbour and enjoyed some of the freshest seafood that I had ever tasted. It was almost as if the fish and mussels had been plucked from the ocean just minutes before we had arrived.




Then it was on to our highly anticipated kayaking adventure along the River Fowey. We had a wonderful tour guide named Ken, who had a wealth of knowledge about the local area, which made our journey so enjoyable and added that little something extra to our afternoon activity.The scenery along the River Fowey is positively breathtaking, offering the type of picturesque setting that make you want to take out your smartphone and snap a picture whilst almost capsizing your beloved kayak in the process




We arrived back on dry land, with slightly tender upper arms but ready to get back on the road and indulge in a second serving of Cornwall’s fine culinary offerings. We dined at Wreckers in Charlestown Harbour that evening, and besides from offering delicious meals at reasonable prices, we also learnt the true meaning of Cornish hospitality when the waiters offered to drive us the two miles back to Trewhiddle due to a lack of taxi service in the area that evening.

Natural Retreats also offers a gorgeous Handpicked portfolio, including a collection of characterful and intricate homes for rent, each a little different to the last

IMG_6262 IMG_6264 IMG_6266


Front view 2

Balcony view

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What a lovely introduction to what this quirky town has to offer! Sadly my stay in Trewhiddle only lasted one weekend, but I will most definitely be back to visit the friendly team at Natural Retreats soon to make some more unforgettable memories. Until next time…


Getting Back to Nature in the Dales with Natural Retreats

Growing up in the Welsh countryside and then moving to the Big Smoke meant that the prospect of a long weekend stomping around the Yorkshire Dales getting some much needed, pollution-free, fresh air was idyllic and just 3 hours by train from Kings Cross made it even better.

Arriving in Darlington station we jumped into a local taxi for the short 20 minute drive to the Natural Retreats site just outside the beautiful little town of Richmond. Local taxi drivers are by far the best possible tour guides and local experts you’ll find and before we’d barely left the station car-park we already had the whole weekend planned out.

Driving up to the Natural Retreats site is a bit like discovering Yorkshire’s Best Kept Secret. 19 beautifully designed residences blend perfectly into the stunning Swale Valley over 54 acres with only a pond, a well and (a rather large) family of rabbits to share with.

Our home for the weekend put my little South London flat to shame; boasting a state of the art kitchen, surround-sound flat-screen TV, huge open-plan living and eating space and three beautiful double en-suite rooms. The Pièce de résistance however was the floor-to-ceiling glass wall that looked out onto the most magnificent, picture-perfect view you could imagine.

After finally pulling ourselves away from the incredible welcome hamper left by the lovely Natural Retreats team, which included all manner of local goodies including some amazing fresh bread and Wensleydale cheese we ventured off into the surrounding area of Richmond town.  

Thanks to our wonderful and typical British weather we spent the next two days dashing in and out of cosy pubs next to roaring fires and quaint little tea-shops to avoid the sporadic showers. Lily’s Café and their huge fruit scones quickly became a favourite as did sampling the local bitter, Black Sheep in the Black Lion pub. When the rain did subside we got our city-shoes good and muddy exploring the ruins of Richmond castle and the old Richmond race-course stand.









A stay in Yorkshire is the perfect long-weekend (even for Londoners!) and staying at Natural Retreats is the only way to do it in style.