Conrad Tokyo – With Yosuke Suga

Conrad Hotels & Resorts has recently launched an exciting social media campaign with Conrad Connections, a digital documentary series in which globally renowned cultural curators and opinion leaders discuss what they find inspirational about their home cities.

These insightful vignettes, which you can view at, feature industry pioneers and taste-makers the hotels have connected with, in destinations from Tokyo to Miami.

Here Conrad Hotels go behind the scenes with renowned French cuisine chef, Yosuke Suga, as he lets us into his secret Tokyo and takes us on a journey through Tokyo’s vibrant sushi culture.

Watch as he explores the ancient practices and navigates his way around the famed Tsukiji Market, conveniently located right next door to Conrad Tokyo…. Before visiting the modern sushi master, Sukiyabashi Jiro, or ‘Jiro’, as he is known by many. You might recognise him from the cult film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” – have you seen it?

We find out where Suga gets his inspiration as he films with Jiro, who began making sushi aged 12, and continues to do so in the heart of Tokyo, now aged 88. As Suga highlights, when Jiro makes sushi, ‘it becomes beautiful’…

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Check it out here: Conrad Tokyo – With Yosuke Suga

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Who knew that Beetroot could be so delicious?

Every job has its perks and as a foodie, being invited to an exclusive dinner hosted by Tom Aikens (headlining act of the London restaurant scene and the youngest chef ever to be awarded two Michelin stars don’t you know), was not only the highlight of my week…but my month! 

Tom Aikens

On behalf of Beachcomber Hotels and Tom Aikens, I was fortunate enough to experience some of Tom’s innovative, creative dishes at one of his stunning restaurants in Chelsea, London. The event was to launch the series of one-off Master Classes Tom will be presenting at the prestigious Beachcomber Royal Palm in Mauritius. For three days only, in March 2013 guests will be able to partake in these classes but also enjoy sit down, private four-course dinners cooked by the celebrity chef over these three nights. 

Tom Aikens Restaurant

To Start: The night began with Jasmine cured salmon with viola flowers, pickled apple & jasmine oil. The combination of the salmon and viola flowers was something completely new to me. It was light, fresh and the salmon… simply ‘melt in your mouth’ delicious. The other guests and I agreed this dish presented to you in Mauritius, on a warm tropical evening with the waves gently crashing ashore would be magical. However, as it was drizzling outside we had to come back to reality. Our main course sounded perfect for the cold British weather. 

Main: After reading the main on the menu, Piglet belly, braised & then roasted with squid & pineapple, I was slightly dubious. I have had both pork belly and squid however never together. As I now know, the two complement each other hugely and it was absolutely delicious, the best piglet belly I had experienced. The small cubes of pork meant it wasn’t too overwhelming and I took my time to enjoy the flavours.

 I wasn’t prepared though for the pudding…

Pudding: The diners at the table quietly told their neighbour that beetroot ‘wasn’t really their thing’. I agreed…to me it tastes a little too earthy… but Tom created something that can only be described as utterly unusual and utterly….flamboyant, ‘Candied Beetroot, yoghurt parfait, sweetened beets and port syrup’.

From beetroot meringue to beetroot sorbet each little beetroot delight was so different from the next… how can you make one vegetable into a desert and create quite so many things from it? (Read this fantastic analysis on Tom’s well known beetroot dessert…

The Tom Aikens Master Classes will take place at Royal Palm, Mauritius between 25th-27th March 2013 and will include:

•           Two morning master classes with Tom Aikens

•           Champagne on the beach with a joint demonstration of Mauritian cuisine hosted by Tom Aikens and Michel de Matteis

•           Three Four-Course Dinners cooked by Tom Aikens each evening

Dedicated to serving ethically sourced, seasonal ingredients of the highest quality, Tom will be working with the Royal Palm and the island’s local suppliers to re-craft his acclaimed signature dishes and give them a Mauritian-inspired twist.

All for just £150 per participant.  Non-cooking partners are welcome at the evening dinners for no additional charge.

For more information on Beachcomber Hotels visit visit and for Royal Palm see

Snapper Ceviche at Gaya Island Resort, Borneo

Always ones to be hot on the heels of the latest food trend, Grifco has been obsessed with the refreshing dish that is Ceviche for some time now. With the likes of Ceviche on Frith Street, Lima London and now Sushi Samba opening their doors and introducing us to the healthy delights of smackingly fresh raw fish cured in zingy flavours, we couldn’t wait to master this dish ourselves! So imagine how pleased I was to learn that on a recent trip to the new (and stunning) Gaya Island Resort in Borneo I was to have a personal Ceviche lesson from one of the resort’s best chefs. Luckily the recipe was super easy and the results impressive! Read on to learn how to recreate delicious Snapper Ceviche yourself at home…

Snapper Hinava

 (Cured Snapper Fillet With Lime Juice)

A native dish of the Kadazan


Cured Snapper

Snapper Fillet (Seabass is a good alternative) 80g

White Wine Vinegar 100ml

Lime Juice 100ml

Salt 3g

Ginger (Finely sliced) 5g

2 Birds Eye Chillies (Finely sliced)

1 Shallot (Sliced)

Sakura Cress

Lemon Air

Lemon Juice 80ml

Lime Juice 80ml

Sugar 8g

Salt 2g

Lecite 3g

Coriander Oil

Coriander Leaves 20g

Rock Salt 3g

Corn oil 50ml


For the cured snapper, Slice the fish fillet into half inch thick strips. Marinade in the white wine vinegar for 30 minutes, then pat dry with a paper towel. Transfer the fish fillet to a flat container & add the rest of the ingredients. Let it marinade for at least 1 hour.

For the lemon air, combine all the ingredients and foam using a hand blender or whisk. Admire how impressive and cheffy this looks with minimal effort!

For the coriander oil, place coriander, salt and corn oil into a blender and blend on a high speed. Transfer to a bowl and let the flavours mature. Strain the mixture to be left with a delicious, flavoured oil.

To assemble, roll the fillets individually and arrange on a plate. Then garnish with the ginger, chilli and shallot taken from the cured mixture. Last but not least, top with the lemon air, sakura mix and drizzle with coriander oil.

Voila! Delish.