Clients: Luxury Travel

The Luxury Travel Book

The Luxury Travel Book is a carefully curated collection of privately owned, new and historic properties that includes villas, city apartments and chalets, as well as rare properties including a castle and windmill. In addition to having many of Europe and beyond’s most stylish homes on its books, The Luxury Travel Book specialises in personal service and local knowledge, helping guests ‘stay like a local’ and immerse themselves in their surroundings. 

The Luxury Travel Book features city apartments across Europe, with locations including Rome, Florence, Venice, London, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and more. Further afield the company offers enticing choices in Marrakech, New York, Cape Town and Queenstown.

A boutique selection of luxury villas in some of the team’s favourite destinations, including the Greek islands, Tuscany, the Amalfi coast, the Balearic Islands and the Croatian islands is also available.